About Us

The History of Broomfield Black Angus

Established in 2010, Broomfield Black Angus Stud is relatively new to the Black Angus Breed, but Stud Master Brett Graham is no stranger when it comes to cattle.

Brett’s family were Red Poll cattle breeders for many years, and along with his family, would regularly show at many events in South Australia.

A fourth generation farmer at Winulta established over 100 years ago, the countryside was a field of broom bush, from which the property name was derived from. The broom bush was cleared to what now produces both cereal and grazing country, with good rainfall and climate to match. Broomfield produces wonderful crops and pastures for cattle to thrive in.

Brett always loved cattle and took a keen interest with the stud. He had a keen eye for good breeding and what to look for, and endeavoured to learn more about genetics and the AI program when that was first introduced to their stud back in the 80’s. The family decided to disperse their stud in 1995, there were no cattle on the property at all which was unfortunate due to the quality and the reputation that had been built up through the years of successful breeding.

It wasn’t until 2010 that Brett and his wife Jenny decided to embark on introducing cattle back to their Winulta property. With Brett’s knowledge and experience from years of showing, he felt confident to have a successful and profitable stud.

It was the Black Angus breed that won him over and soon his herd began to take shape, his top females being purchased from Willalooka Basin, Vermont, Kingarth, The Meadows, Mootatunga and Millah Murrah Black Angus studs.

Brett uses Broomfield SOP H12, Bartel E7, Ardrossan Equator A241, Hoover Dam, Nett Income, Right Time 24J, Final Product, Rito Revenue 5m2, Carabar Docklands D62, KM Broken Bow, Broomfield SOP K045, Heritage 6295, Gatsby NJW G279, Temania Emperor VTM E343, Power Tool 9108, Novak VLY E313 and Thunder Bird, all of which have produced good-frame, fertile females and depth of muscle in the bulls.

Today Brett’s herd number runs at 100 breeders. The stud will be offering 19 Bulls at his first field days which will be held in February (see breeders profile in stock journal).

Both Brett and Jenny look forward to their first field day and hope to meet and show other breeders their cattle at Broomfield.